Deck Care

While ECW products require minimal maintenance, there are some basic tips you should be aware about to keep your composite wood deck and other products looking good for many years to come.

Installation, Storage and HandlingHigh Pressure Deck Clean

  • Never throw your planks around and ensure that you do not slide them out when moving them around
  • Do not slide tools or screws around on the deck while you are building it.
  • Always pre drill to avoid the bit gouging your Eco-Composite deck
  • All ECW products should be stored away from direct sunlight, stored on a flat surface and in a dry area where it cannot be exposed to moisture
  • Make sure your deck has adequate ventilation
  • Ensure during installation that underneath your deck can drain and is not exposed to stale water for long periods of time


Removing Waste

  • Waste can be removed along with other construction materials


General Care

There are some precautionary measures you should take with ECW products.

  • Do not allow metal items prone to rust to sit on your deck for extended periods of time
  • Make sure there are no large rocks or other sharp objects on your deck which can be walked on causing damage
  • Try to avoid getting mud and sand on your deck
  • Having a mat is suggested in areas where it cannot get saturated and exposed to direct sunlight


General Cleaning

Cleaning your deck is best done with soapy water and a modern sponge mop along the grain. Make sure you clean each plank one after the other and rinse regularly to ensure that you are not moving around muddy water.

Maintenance Cleaning

Every 6 – 12 months it is suggested that owners do a maintenance clean with a high pressure washer with a maximum power output of 2500psi and a 25 degree spray tip at a 35 degree angle. Ensure you spray with the grain of your deck as across the surface can cause damage. Try to ensure that each plank is sprayed with 100% coverage per pass.


You will notice some water stains on the surface after it is evaporated by the sun after a shower. It is a temporary phenomenon due to the material not adapting to the climate. It should disappear within 2 months. It can be cleaned with soapy water and a mop with the grain. Alternatively, stainless steel wool also produces good results but takes much longer.

Painting, Sealing and Staining

It is possible for you to apply a 3rd party coating but we feel there is no need to. However, if you do decide for some reason to apply an external coating it should be done when the deck is fully clean and dried. Regardless, if you apply an external coating it will void your warranty.

If you have a maintenance tip of your own? please tell us below.

5 thoughts on “Deck Care

  1. Denny Kady
    Denny Kady / Reply at

    Hi ,
    Can you please price me
    1.8ht x 48 panels with 2.4ht post
    4 extra post 2.4ht
    1 stanadard gate all being 1.8ht dark gray color with no gaps between the planks
    Denny Kady
    [email protected]

  2. Michelle
    Michelle / Reply at

    Can this deck not be in an area that is not covered?

    • admin
      admin / Reply at

      Hi Michelle, we have installed a lot of decks that are not under-cover. Composite wood is very resistant to Australia’s harsh climate with very minimal fading and resistant to rotting. It should however be installed on a base where water can escape.

  3. Jeremy Stopford
    Jeremy Stopford / Reply at

    OK – what about snow removal? We live in central New York (USA) and are looking forward to winter snow on our roof covered newly installed composite wood deck. OK to use a snow shovel on the deck? Or will that harm the deck? Thanks for the info!

  4. Janine
    Janine / Reply at

    Do you have a sealing product that will be also covered by warranty to stop the black spot and fun gel/mould.

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