Composite Decking / Eco-Friendly Composite Wood Decking - Maintenance Free and Non Perishable

Eco-Composite Decks

ECW boards are engineered to be long lasting and low on maintenance. Made from recycled plastic, scrap wood and other materials which are bonded together to develop a strong, eco friendly, minimum waste decking solution. It looks great and can add value to your home or business.

Boards come in 2,200 x 2,900 lengths. Widths and thicknesses can vary, but 140w x 25T is standard. You can use our Price List & Comparison Table to see the differences in our boards. We have two basic types which are characterised by density.

Eco Composite Decking Boards

Hollow Floor (HF) Great for most applications, they have a hollow core which allows for ventilation and 3 to 4 pillars which support load on the boards. You can also increase the strength of the HF Deck by reducing the joist intervals. Because less material is used it is much cheaper than the next option. We also have a Wood Texture (WT) option if you would like something more natural.

Solid Floor (SF) Means exactly that, it is dense and used for commercial applications where high impact and large weights are placed on the deck. E.g People running or cycling constantly. Due to the amount of materials used and weight, they are considerably a higher price than the HF products.

They are grooved on the long edges to allow our ECW ABS Clips to clip inside and space each board 7mm apart. They are also used to fasten the deck span to the ECW Joists with Stainless Steel ECW Screws.

Using ECW Joists is only recommended on concrete. It is possible to have the ECW Joists on levelled and compacted road base or sand but it is not supported. It is also important that these are not structural and need to have a foundation to support the span of the deck. For example if you have a free standing patio area you will need to create a joist and foundation system (if one is not in place already). You can also add a flat decorative cap using SF-04 (70×10) or ECW EdgePlease view our Installation Instructions and Warranty Policy.

Benefits of Eco Composite Decking

  • Waterproof
  • V-Groove tread
  • Looks and feels like natural wood
  • Durable, firm because of its high density Low Maintenance (wash with soapy water to clean)
  • Termite proof
  • No rotting and fade resistant
  • Never warps
  • Doesn’t need sealing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Save money on labour
  • No nails
  • Easy to cut to size

What is ECW Made From?

Basically it is a cross between wood chips, recycled HDPE plastic and another of additives to bond the two components together.

Composite decking Ingredients


This product has been exported successfully in many countries, particularly in the UK, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Our products are of European Standard and pass CE, SGS and FSC international accreditation.


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