• Why do you use aluminium foundations? Can you use other materials?

    The Benefits • Rot and Rustproof • Easy to cut • Anti corrosive • High malleability • Lightweight • Easy to fasten • No coating required • High ductility • 100% recyclable • Easy to transport • High strength to weight ratio • Competitively priced in Australia You can use traditional galvanised or timber joists, bearers and posts. However, using these types of materials they can corrode, rust or rot.

  • Can you get longer board lengths?

    Yes, we can. Depending on volume we can get any size you like. However, with all brands of composites there is some expansion and shrinkage depending on the temperature. The longer and thicker the product is the more with will shrink and expand. 5.5m lengths can expand as much +/- 15mm. However with our lengths you only get +/- 2mm. Also important to note that solids expand more than the hollow composites

  • Does it fade?

    Our composites are a solid colour throughout the structure. There is some inital weathering for the first year, then the colour will stabilise. The change is so gradual that you will not notice. You should also clean your deck reguarly as dust and dirt will make the appearance lighter.

  • What is the Slip Rating?

    R10 Oil-Wet Inclining Platform Test Appendix D and P3 Wet Pendulum Test Appendix A AS 4586:2013

  • What is the fire rating of your composite boards?

    We are in the process of getting Bushfire Attack Level testing. We are expecting a BAL 29 and will update this FAQ when we have the report.

  • Can the cladding be installed vertically?

    Yes it can. Only some types of cladding are suitable though such as ECW WP-03, WP-04 and WP-05 models which interlock on both sides.

  • Are composites cheaper than timber?

    The initial cost is more for composite but if you do a life cycle analysis composites are cheaper and last longer over time

  • I want to DIY. Can you help us?

    Yes we can. We will show you what needs to be done and how to do it with our best practices. We can come out on site for hands on tutorials. We provide detailed drawings, 3D visuals, photos to assist you with building your new deck

  • Do you do a solid composite?

    Yes we can get it in. There are some advantages and disadvantages. For one, it is very strong. The disadvantages are that it is quite heavy, more strain on cutting tools, more expansion during hot days and that it costs more

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  1. Karen Hook
    Karen Hook / Reply at

    Can you please let me know if there is somewhere in Melbourne that we can look at the product. We are trying to match another brand already in place.

    • admin
      admin / Reply at

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you very much for your interest in our decking boards. We supply Australia wide. What I could do is send you a sample package with our available colours and board textures. The samples are free of charge of course. The freight is $10. Would you be interested in receiving a sample package?

      Kind regards,

      Tim Vos
      0457 173 265

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