Fencing to Stop Gold Coast City Council Cat Fines

Recently my next door neighbour and I got talking and stated that he got fined $20 from Gold Coast City Council for having his cat outside his fence. Never heard of this rule before but looking on the GCCC website you sure can get fined. It states that:

Cats that wander can cause nuisance to your neighbours by defecating in their gardens, spraying and fighting. A $75 on-the-spot fine applies to cats that are not contained to their own properties. Your cat may also be impounded.

Source: GCCC Cats

It has got us thinking… How difficult it is to keep contained cats in your yard? How high can cats jump?

Not only do you have to worry about fines but also the welfare of your cat which can be attacked by dogs, assaulted by strangers or get stolen by crazy cat ladies.

AWLQLD has some suggestions for keeping your cat inside your property with cat proof fencing ideas and also check out our 1.8m high fencing as well.

Written by: Adrian Woolley | Urban & Environmental Planner