Joist to Concrete Screw
Size: 72 x 7.5

$1.65 each +GST

These are ideal for screwing directly into concrete without the need to place a RAW plug.

These are ideally used for screwing the extender posts into concrete as well as fixing bearers and joists to the concrete for deck construction as well.


Type 1 with washer Head AW40

7.5 x 72 mm, head dia. 12 mm


1. Applications:

  • Tension-free mounting for timber framed side and end wall installation to concrete.
  • Ideal for fixing:
    – Timber to concrete or brick
    – Timber frame work and bottom plates to concrete slabs.

2. Advantages:

  • Short installation times, as no setting tools are required.
  • Removable.
  • Virtually no expansion or splitting forces during setting. Product Performance:


3. Properties:

Tension-free spaced mounting for wooden, plastic, composite and aluminium joists into concrete

• Spreading pressure free, positive locking and removable anchoring.

• Function of load pick-up is retained even under thermal loading.

• Function of load pick-up is retained even under thermal loading.

• Fire-resistance duration of 120 minutes.

• Drill perforated and hollow blocks in rotating gear (without impact mechanism).



Setting Instructions:

•Note: pre-drilling is necessary in aerated concrete

  • No setting tools are required.

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