Rubicab Eco-Cabins

Rubicab Eco-Cabins

We also manufacture high quality transportable homes!


  • Energy efficient thermo and sound insulation
  • Flood and water resistant
  • Over 2-hour fire resistance
  • Fully furnished even the bed linen, air conditioning and flooring done!
  • Termite and pest resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • No Cyclonic upwind issues! Self anchoring with concrete slab
  • Designed to withstand high impacts
  • Affordable and easy to decorate and refurbish
  • Collect rainwater to optimise water usage
  • Durable and quality materials




Some applications

Backyard solutions – With a Rubicab Eco-Cabin you can accommodate a growing family, keep senior relatives close, or create a new revenue stream by providing student accommodation. We have a range of luxurious recreational and spa units so you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining at home.

Caravan park development – Our specially designed units can add value to an existing caravan park, or be used as a modern and attractive asset for new park developments. All of our units are cost-effective to maintain, affordable and relocatable to accommodate varied guest rotation cycles.

Worksite accommodation – Our Eco-Cabins product range can satisfy all the needs of a commercial organisation to set up an efficient, easy to transport on-site camp. Perfect for remote locations, our cabins are designed to keep your employees happy, wherever they are.

Commercial use – The commercial applications for our Eco-Cabins are endless! Set up your own office park, create you own retail space or set up your office on location. Our spaces are designed to adapt to your needs.

Alternative housing – Eco-Cabins give you the freedom of flexible, cost-effective accommodation to build or extend your home. The modular design of Eco-Cabins can be used in countless combinations to create a customised, affordable and functional living space tailored to your unique needs.

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