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Designed for retailers, developers, builders and carpenters. We offer quick deliveries Australia-wide from stocks located on the Gold Coast, QLD. We supply composite and aluminium products, and we can advise the best practices to ‘DIY-ers’ and builders. We will assist you in designing optimised, essentially waste free projects.

Please provide your project details by contacting us for a free consultation and quote or use our Deck Calculator to find out your project costs instantly.

We offer a Volume Incentive Program, if you are developing a large project please contact us for a quote. We are also welcoming retailers to become Eco-Composite Wood Distributors, find out more here.

ECW Decking Boards

Engineered semi hollow profile for the right balance of strength, weight and heat dissipation. Double capped meaning you have two different patterns to choose from. Enjoy fast install times with our semi hidden ABS clip system. Boards come in 2200mm lengths, 20, 25 or 30mm thick and 140, 145, 150 or 160 mm wide.

ECW Joists, Bearers & Posts

With traditionally built decks you could develop an unsafe deck down the track caused by termites, rot or rust. Our composite-wood joists and aluminium structures are the answer, eliminating these problems. For higher elevations, we use aluminium structures. You can install our boards the most common way on existing treated pine or hardwood foundation.

ECW Deck Clips, Screws & Plugs

Selecting the right fastener for a specific board type is important to properly fix down and space the boards correctly leaving them to expand in the sun and shrink during the night. Stainless steel screws are used for timber and composite structures. Self drilling, galvanised class 3 screws are used for aluminium and steel structures. ABS clips are used to install the boards onto the joists and to create even spacing / gaps between each row of boards. Stainless steel clips are used for a “near gap free” install. However we do not recommend them for aluminium or steel as they lift the boards up on the joists and do not tie down the boards as good as the ABS clips.

Special Decking Accessories

Customised edge and fascia boards help to create beautiful architectures. We design stair structures using welded aluminium and edge boards which can even be installed by DIY-ers. Our batten boards will conceal under your elevated deck or house. Our LED deck lights will create an amazing ambiance in the evenings. Cool white for welcoming entrances and relaxing warm white for backyards. You can order a range of coloured ones too.

ECW Fencing Products

Our fencing systems have been designed with unique features you will not find elsewhere. Great design affirmed by our customers, never rotting posts and easy to install boards easily slot in between the rebated posts. Customised pedestrian, wide sliding and swing gates can be delivered at your request. Based on experiences gathered, we recommend a maximum 1520 mm  between post centres using 1450 mm long boards placed horizontally or even on falling and uneven terrain.

ECW Fencing Kits and Packages

Below you can have reference prices for your fencing options based on the most popular type and dimensions. We keep stocks in Charcoal and Coffee Brown. The Zebra Premium ECW Fencing suggested for front fences, the ECW Slim Fencing solution for the boundary privacy fencing.  We deliver our boards for your own design solutions as well using aluminium or timber posts.

ECW Garden Beds

We created an easy to set-up modular system (easy as LEGO), ideal to create garden beds, planter boxes in your front or backyard. Unlimited forms and combinations to choose from, for more details and to place an order click here!

Premium Garden MAXI CB


















ECW Panel Pillars

With the advantages of ECW timber products of never rotting, maintenance free (no oiling or painting) we deliver for you elegant panel pillars which are easy to install. Using metal legs placed vertically in the soil using a large hammer or the back of an axe. They can be placed on concreted surfaces using an alternative leg that can be screwed directly down into the concrete. 


Wall Panelling & Cladding

No maintenance, painting or oiling required. Easy to clean, even graffiti on the surface can be removed with sandpaper. Fire resistant, waterproof and with solid structure helps reduce internal heat and acts as a sound barrier as well. The natural wood look makes it ideal to create a likeable building in a beautiful garden or the outback.

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